Mike Jeffries Surgery Issues – Has the CEO gone crazy for not lingering to the beauty standard?

Mike Jeffries has been well known as the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch, a spoken, high-class manufacturer of fashion items. Rather than being famous for his achievement in the company with which he has been affiliated, Mike Jeffries has been more popular for his arrogance on the internet. The CEO once said that the company was only interested in marketing to cool good looking people. This exclusionary marketing strategy has made lots of controversies in that lots of people, including those buying the A and F lines of products decided to get rid of their products and gave them away to the homeless. The public perception of Mike Jeffries had gone really horrendous in that lots of people hated him and made him as the object of massive ridicule on the internet. However, the bad image that he had was only related to the statements that he had made. Due to the statement that he made, lots of people claimed that he was not good looking at all and did not deserve the position in the company. The most prominent reason was that Mike Jeffries was assumed to not live up to the company beauty standard. In other words, the public deemed him to be not good enough to work in the company. As a result, the rumors about Mike Jeffries plastic surgery occurred.

Was the man good enough to run the surgical procedure?

As the statement he made caused lots of controversies, Mike Jeffries had become the object of public ridicule on the internet. There had been lots of photos and videos devoted to making fun of him. Apart from all those pictures, Mike Jeffries was once rumored to have done some plastic surgery. People assumed that the man had taken the surgical procedure to fix the flaw that he had on his face. Remembering all the controversies that he had made, there had been lots of speculations about Mike Jeffries plastic surgery.

As you can see in the photos before and after the plastic surgery, you can see that there had been lots of changes he had through the knife works. The most dominant thing was that you could see that his face was fraught with fat. Lots of people said that he hated fat so much and then decided to inject all the fat in his face! For a rich man like him, money means nothing at all to consider when he wanted to have his look changed. That was why there were lots of reasons for him to get a number of procedures for plastic surgery. Through having plastic surgery, the rich man with plenty of money could enhance his look. There were a number of surgical procedures related to him. His latest appearance had obviously shown that he had done plastic surgery. There had been issues that Mike Jeffries had facelift and botox injections. His latest look is so tight, young, and smooth, really different to those of other men at his age.

 Mike Jeffries Nose Job and Lip Enhancement – The other facets of Goblin-related surgery

Lots of people questioned the rumors about Mike Jeffries plastic surgery. Even though the rumors about the facelift has been clearly proven, there had been lots of “additionally made” rumors about the controversial man. Public began asking the other possibilities presumably tallied to the plastic surgery that he had taken. Some of the photos on the internet clearly showed that the man had some liposuction and some botox injections. These two surgical procedures had caused him to look unnatural due the modified look.