Marina Abrahamovic Plastic Surgery Myth – Good Docs or Good Gene?

Lots of people become really curious when looking at how artists and celebrities can maintain their youthful look for years even though they are already in their forty or even their fifty. With all the pressure and demand that they have in the movie industry, it is sometimes frustrating for them to appear as expected by their fans and, of course, by their job. People presume that having a great look is the key to success in Hollywood. It is not surprising to say so since attraction, particularly physical attraction, plays an important role in gaining success. Whenever it is related to the aging problem, lots of varied speculations will emerge. One of many speculations regarding artists or celebs who managed to preserve their great and youthful look or even improve their look is plastic surgery. One of the many artists that were rumored to have taken plastic surgery is Marina Abrahamovic. Marina Abrahamovic was born on November 30th, 1946. She is a Serbian and Yugoslavian artist. Her performance artist began in the early 1970s. Marina’s work explored the relationship between audience and performer, the possibilities of the mind, and the limits of the body. She has been described as the performance art grandmother. Even though she has been retired, the rumors about Marina Abrahamovic plastic surgery still exist up until now.

Did Marina Abrahamovic indeed have the Plastic Surgery?

There was only very few evidence that the senior actress really had plastic surgery. However, people would sometimes believe anything related to rather shocking scandals related to artists or celebs. With regard to some news or, presumably, rumors about Marina Abrahamovic plastic surgery, once it was said that she had breast augmentation. Abrahamovic was asked in an interview about her breast augmentation that she had in late 1980. It was said that the breast augmentation was carried out when she and her lover were out. When she reminded the public that she was an artist rather than a feminist, it still seems rather odd that such an extensively adorned artist would go to the surgeon to have plastic surgery. Once it was said that she did not care about the breast augmentation. The only reason why she was rumored to have the surgery was that she was upset and frustrated with her lover as he made pregnant his twenty-five-year-old translator. She then felt unwanted and ugly. That made a big change in her life that she was tempted to have the breast augmentation.

What was the other rumored plastic surgery?

Lots of people were still curious that the actress still had some other plastic surgeries to boos her look. Even though indeed she once said that she did the breast augmentation, the public believed that he still had some other surgeries. Due to the curiosity, there had been some other rumors about Marina Abrahamovic plastic surgery. People found out some pictures that were meant to show the difference between before and after the plastic surgery. According to some pictures spread on the internet, Marina Abrahamovic was assumed to have botox injections, a procedure that has been greatly common among aged people. The botox injections were rumored to be done on some parts of her face.

As you can see, there are only a few wrinkles on her forehead, laugh lines, and around the eyes. This surely indicated that the actress once had plastic surgery. However, none had been said to confirm or refute that very rumor germane to Marina Abrahamovic plastic surgery. This made the rumors became even more confusing at that time.