Denying the Age – The Case of Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery

There have been lots of buzzes regarding the rumors of plastic surgery. This surgical procedure has been recognized as the best panacea toward any problem related to physical appearance. It is not what the surgery deals with yet how fast it can exert the expected results. For those who deliberately want to have their look changed, plastic surgery can be the first leeway to resort to. This particular surgical procedure has been long tallied to the realm of people who are involved in the realm of movie and television industries. It is of no surprise that there has been the high intensity of plastic surgery scandals rumored to have been done by artist or celebrity. In the American movie industry, one of many artists that were rumored to have the surgical procedure was Nadya Suleman. The rumors about Nadya Suleman plastic surgery really shocked public and, of course, her fans. For sure, Nadya Suleman has been popular for her sexy body. People have been infatuated in her boobs. Yet, all those charms that she had somehow turned into something chaotic.

Did she really have the nose job?

Lots of people were attracted by her look. Of the most interesting was that Nadya Suleman had a great nose, which was of course natural. This natural look suddenly changed into something unusual in that her nose looked so unnatural. People, first sighting the appearance on the tube, speculated that the actress had some plastic surgery to escalate her look, particularly that on her nose. If you have found some pictures trying to show the difference between before and after the plastic surgery, there seems to be slight difference on Nadya Suleman nose after the plastic surgery. You can see that previously she had rather a bulbous nose with a wide bridge. However, it has been changed in that her nose has been much

more pointed and slimmer. Due to the change that she took, Nadya Suleman appeared as if she were Angelina Jolie’s sister. They looked similar. There were some other things, other than the nose that made Nadya Suleman appear different. You can see that her lips had been much more lifted. She was accused of doing liposuction to get that look. It was the same surgical procedure that was rumored to have been done by Angelina Jolie.

The Breast Implants by Octomom

Of course, you may have noticed that Nadya Suleman has been known for her incredible pregnancy as she had eight babies in her tummy. Just like what happened to every mother, there will be some signs of aging on their breast. This is due to the fact that they are to breastfeed their babies. However, this did not apply to Nadya Suleman. Regardless of the fact that Nadya Suleman had lots of babies, she showed no sign of sagging on her breasts. People then would speculate that the actress had some breast implants to get her breast lifted and fresh. You can see clearly that her breast appears so lifted and augmented. There were lots of buzzes that the actress had done the plastic surgery. The other things that were rumored to take place in Nadya Suleman plastic surgery were that the actress had some botox injections.  Presumably, this was the least convincing rumors ever said about Nadya Suleman plastic surgery. There had been lots of pictures trying to show the difference between before and after the plastic surgery. However, there seemed to be no convincing evidence that she had some botox injections. Also, when taking into account the surgeon’s analysis, the only possible surgery taken by her was the nose job and liposuction.