Denying the Age – The Case of Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery

There have been lots of buzzes regarding the rumors of plastic surgery. This surgical procedure has been recognized as the best panacea toward any problem related to physical appearance. It is not what the surgery deals with yet how fast it can exert the expected results. For those who deliberately want to have their look changed, plastic surgery can be the first leeway to resort to. This particular surgical procedure has been long tallied to the realm of people who are involved in the realm of movie and television industries. It is of no surprise that there has been the high intensity of plastic surgery scandals rumored to have been done by artist or celebrity. In the American movie industry, one of many artists that were rumored to have the surgical procedure was Nadya Suleman. The rumors about Nadya Suleman plastic surgery really shocked public and, of course, her fans. For sure, Nadya Suleman has been popular for her sexy body. People have been infatuated in her boobs. Yet, all those charms that she had somehow turned into something chaotic.

Did she really have the nose job?

Lots of people were attracted by her look. Of the most interesting was that Nadya Suleman had a great nose, which was of course natural. This natural look suddenly changed into something unusual in that her nose looked so unnatural. People, first sighting the appearance on the tube, speculated that the actress had some plastic surgery to escalate her look, particularly that on her nose. If you have found some pictures trying to show the difference between before and after the plastic surgery, there seems to be slight difference on Nadya Suleman nose after the plastic surgery. You can see that previously she had rather a bulbous nose with a wide bridge. However, it has been changed in that her nose has been much

more pointed and slimmer. Due to the change that she took, Nadya Suleman appeared as if she were Angelina Jolie’s sister. They looked similar. There were some other things, other than the nose that made Nadya Suleman appear different. You can see that her lips had been much more lifted. She was accused of doing liposuction to get that look. It was the same surgical procedure that was rumored to have been done by Angelina Jolie.

The Breast Implants by Octomom

Of course, you may have noticed that Nadya Suleman has been known for her incredible pregnancy as she had eight babies in her tummy. Just like what happened to every mother, there will be some signs of aging on their breast. This is due to the fact that they are to breastfeed their babies. However, this did not apply to Nadya Suleman. Regardless of the fact that Nadya Suleman had lots of babies, she showed no sign of sagging on her breasts. People then would speculate that the actress had some breast implants to get her breast lifted and fresh. You can see clearly that her breast appears so lifted and augmented. There were lots of buzzes that the actress had done the plastic surgery. The other things that were rumored to take place in Nadya Suleman plastic surgery were that the actress had some botox injections.  Presumably, this was the least convincing rumors ever said about Nadya Suleman plastic surgery. There had been lots of pictures trying to show the difference between before and after the plastic surgery. However, there seemed to be no convincing evidence that she had some botox injections. Also, when taking into account the surgeon’s analysis, the only possible surgery taken by her was the nose job and liposuction.


Mike Jeffries Surgery Issues – Has the CEO gone crazy for not lingering to the beauty standard?

Mike Jeffries has been well known as the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch, a spoken, high-class manufacturer of fashion items. Rather than being famous for his achievement in the company with which he has been affiliated, Mike Jeffries has been more popular for his arrogance on the internet. The CEO once said that the company was only interested in marketing to cool good looking people. This exclusionary marketing strategy has made lots of controversies in that lots of people, including those buying the A and F lines of products decided to get rid of their products and gave them away to the homeless. The public perception of Mike Jeffries had gone really horrendous in that lots of people hated him and made him as the object of massive ridicule on the internet. However, the bad image that he had was only related to the statements that he had made. Due to the statement that he made, lots of people claimed that he was not good looking at all and did not deserve the position in the company. The most prominent reason was that Mike Jeffries was assumed to not live up to the company beauty standard. In other words, the public deemed him to be not good enough to work in the company. As a result, the rumors about Mike Jeffries plastic surgery occurred.

Was the man good enough to run the surgical procedure?

As the statement he made caused lots of controversies, Mike Jeffries had become the object of public ridicule on the internet. There had been lots of photos and videos devoted to making fun of him. Apart from all those pictures, Mike Jeffries was once rumored to have done some plastic surgery. People assumed that the man had taken the surgical procedure to fix the flaw that he had on his face. Remembering all the controversies that he had made, there had been lots of speculations about Mike Jeffries plastic surgery.

As you can see in the photos before and after the plastic surgery, you can see that there had been lots of changes he had through the knife works. The most dominant thing was that you could see that his face was fraught with fat. Lots of people said that he hated fat so much and then decided to inject all the fat in his face! For a rich man like him, money means nothing at all to consider when he wanted to have his look changed. That was why there were lots of reasons for him to get a number of procedures for plastic surgery. Through having plastic surgery, the rich man with plenty of money could enhance his look. There were a number of surgical procedures related to him. His latest appearance had obviously shown that he had done plastic surgery. There had been issues that Mike Jeffries had facelift and botox injections. His latest look is so tight, young, and smooth, really different to those of other men at his age.

 Mike Jeffries Nose Job and Lip Enhancement – The other facets of Goblin-related surgery

Lots of people questioned the rumors about Mike Jeffries plastic surgery. Even though the rumors about the facelift has been clearly proven, there had been lots of “additionally made” rumors about the controversial man. Public began asking the other possibilities presumably tallied to the plastic surgery that he had taken. Some of the photos on the internet clearly showed that the man had some liposuction and some botox injections. These two surgical procedures had caused him to look unnatural due the modified look.


What has been done on Mary Matalin’s Face?

Plastic surgery has been really popular among artists and celebs in not only in America but also in the entire globe. This surgical procedure has been really popular as it can give a very massive change on their look in just no time at all. With all the money that they have, plastic surgery has of course been really easy to do. Especially when taking into account the career trajectory that they go through, dealing with the being able to look good in front of their fans really means everything. One of many artists that were speculated to have done plastic surgery was Mary Matalin. Mary Matalin began her career as the member of Republican National Committee. It was in that organization that she remained for almost twenty years as the key strategist. After leaving briefly to join Hofstra University School of Law, Mary Matalindroped out after only a year. However, she rose rapidly by gaining national attention when she was involved in George Washington Bush’s campaign for the presidential election.  Even though her career was far from the Hollywood world, she was not free from scandals. Mary Matalin was once reported to have done plastic surgery to get her face changed. The rumors about Mary Matalin facial surgery was on everyone’s lips at that time.

What the buzz said about the plastic surgery she took

Lots of speculation were made after the rumors about Mary Matalin plastic surgery was omnipresent. People began to find evidence whether the strategist indeed had the surgical procedure. After some time, the photos before and after Mary Matalin plastic surgery were everywhere on the internet. If you look at the photos showing the difference before and after the plastic surgery, people were somewhat sure that she indeed had the plastic surgery. People involved in politics are quite commonly rumored with plastic surgery after the scandals of Mary Matalin plastic surgery were present. Mary Joe Matalin plastic surgery was done in order to enhance her appearance much more by having the surgical procedures. Some of the rumored surgical procedures ever rumored to happen were facelift. In order to look fresh and youthful, Mary Matalin then was rumored to have chosen to have some facelift works done on her face. A lot of people said that the outcomes of her plastic surgery were not as expected. She appeared rather ugly and bad. The surgical procedure made her face looked like a very tense woman, and then the public accused her of having filler injection and Delmar injection to demolish the wrinkles she had on her face. Also, Mary Matalin was rumored to have botox injections. In some of the photos showing the difference before and after the plastic surgery, you can see that her face shows some signs of fat filler surgery. Even though there were so many critics attributed to her, Mary Matalin was still confident and decided to neglect what the buzz said about how she looked.  This particular reaction was typical of those who were involved in politics as they were only interested in what counted for their career.

What has been done other than the facial lift

As Mary Matalin was so popular in her political career, many people questioned the other plastic surgery she once had. The public was really interested in finding out what she had done other than the facial lift. From the before and after the plastic surgery photos, you can see that she has taken facelift, just like aforementioned. There were only a few wrinkles on her face.  In the newer photos, you can also see that there were almost no lines on her face. Although there had been flawless look, there were no other sings showing that Mary Matalin plastic surgery alluded to any other knife work.



What the heck has happened to Mark McGrath?

The realm of artists surely is tallied to lots of glamorous things. It is of no surprise that the people are attributed to that kind of world in as much as their life is fraught with luxurious things. One of many things that out so much pressure and imposition into their life is the fact that they are demanded to appear flawlessly in front of their fans and public as well. It is due to the fact that having a great look and beautiful appearance denotes the key to success and gaining lots of fame. Of course, this will spark lots of temptation to appear in that kind of way. And, apparently, this pressure becomes even higher when they get older. Obviously, when getting older, people will lose their youthful look and beautiful appearance. This often will lead to artists or celebs running to the surgeon to have their look escalated and preserved. Mark McGrath, one of the most popular male artist in the United States, was once rumored to have done this surgical procedure. Mark McGrath was born on March 15th, 1968. He is the singer of the rock band named Sugar Ray. In addition to being the leading singer, McGrath is also known for his job as co-host of the popular show Extra. Mark McGrath certainly has lots of experience hosting lots of shows. Once the public was shocked by his appearance since there were some differences posed by his look. The rumors about Mark McGrath plastic surgery were then everywhere.

What did Mark McGrath do with his look? The Difference before and after the plastic surgery

After the first new appearance was omnipresent, the public began to speculate what Mark McGrath did with his look. Lots of speculations popped out at that time. However, the most frequently spoken issue was that Mark McGrath had some plastic surgeries. Without a doubt, Mark McGrath has changed a lot and too drastically. Before Mark knew about the surgical procedure, he used to be quite fascinating with his natural look and mesmerizing as well. However, today, you can see that, by judging from his look, it is very easy to notice that the actor has taken some surgical procedures to change his look to some great extent. Through looking at his before and after the plastic surgery, you can notice that the vocalist has undergone the knife work. There was rumored to be not one, but several knives work that Mark McGrath has undergone. These were, it was assumed, botox injections, facial fillers, and rhinoplasty.

What had been changed through all those knife works?

People were so curious about what has been changed after the vocalist had taken the plastic surgery. The rumors about Mark McGrath plastic surgery had made lots of his fans even more curious as the change on his face was really drastic. You can easily see from the before and after Mark McGrath plastic surgery that he has taken rhinoplasty to change his nose. When Mark was young, presumably twenty-five, he had rather bulbous nose. Actually he nasal bridge was rather high. Even though he could not hide the wide nasal, everything seemed to suit him very well. As we can see, the nose has been smaller and slimmer. His nose has been much more pointed and pinched than it was. One surgeon in Miami, Dr. Salzhauer said that he has taken the cosmetic surgery. From his analysis, it was found out that he has only chosen to have the rhinoplasty. Nothing was done other than that nose job. However, even though it was only a small nose job, the change was so drastic that he changed a lot after the plastic surgery.



Marina Abrahamovic Plastic Surgery Myth – Good Docs or Good Gene?

Lots of people become really curious when looking at how artists and celebrities can maintain their youthful look for years even though they are already in their forty or even their fifty. With all the pressure and demand that they have in the movie industry, it is sometimes frustrating for them to appear as expected by their fans and, of course, by their job. People presume that having a great look is the key to success in Hollywood. It is not surprising to say so since attraction, particularly physical attraction, plays an important role in gaining success. Whenever it is related to the aging problem, lots of varied speculations will emerge. One of many speculations regarding artists or celebs who managed to preserve their great and youthful look or even improve their look is plastic surgery. One of the many artists that were rumored to have taken plastic surgery is Marina Abrahamovic. Marina Abrahamovic was born on November 30th, 1946. She is a Serbian and Yugoslavian artist. Her performance artist began in the early 1970s. Marina’s work explored the relationship between audience and performer, the possibilities of the mind, and the limits of the body. She has been described as the performance art grandmother. Even though she has been retired, the rumors about Marina Abrahamovic plastic surgery still exist up until now.

Did Marina Abrahamovic indeed have the Plastic Surgery?

There was only very few evidence that the senior actress really had plastic surgery. However, people would sometimes believe anything related to rather shocking scandals related to artists or celebs. With regard to some news or, presumably, rumors about Marina Abrahamovic plastic surgery, once it was said that she had breast augmentation. Abrahamovic was asked in an interview about her breast augmentation that she had in late 1980. It was said that the breast augmentation was carried out when she and her lover were out. When she reminded the public that she was an artist rather than a feminist, it still seems rather odd that such an extensively adorned artist would go to the surgeon to have plastic surgery. Once it was said that she did not care about the breast augmentation. The only reason why she was rumored to have the surgery was that she was upset and frustrated with her lover as he made pregnant his twenty-five-year-old translator. She then felt unwanted and ugly. That made a big change in her life that she was tempted to have the breast augmentation.

What was the other rumored plastic surgery?

Lots of people were still curious that the actress still had some other plastic surgeries to boos her look. Even though indeed she once said that she did the breast augmentation, the public believed that he still had some other surgeries. Due to the curiosity, there had been some other rumors about Marina Abrahamovic plastic surgery. People found out some pictures that were meant to show the difference between before and after the plastic surgery. According to some pictures spread on the internet, Marina Abrahamovic was assumed to have botox injections, a procedure that has been greatly common among aged people. The botox injections were rumored to be done on some parts of her face.

As you can see, there are only a few wrinkles on her forehead, laugh lines, and around the eyes. This surely indicated that the actress once had plastic surgery. However, none had been said to confirm or refute that very rumor germane to Marina Abrahamovic plastic surgery. This made the rumors became even more confusing at that time.